Benefits of 2K Injection Mould

July 20, 2021

Why Should You Invest in the 2K Injection Mould Technology?

The 2K injection mould technology is becoming increasingly popular these days. It is the most common method of producing identical plastic and that too in large volume. However, if you want to adopt the technology, there are some specific design restrictions that you must adhere to. This will not only facilitate you in long run but will also help you reduce the cost in present and aid you in producing high-quality parts.

Want to know more about the benefits of the 2K injection mould technology? This guide will tell you everything you need to know. So, make sure you stick right through the end!

What is 2K Injection Mould Technology?

The 2K injection mould technology involves combining two materials into one mold. This can include the materials that possess multiple properties, two different materials of different colors, or two hard and soft combination materials.

The compound holding of the 2 parts happens because they converge into each other or because the main segment is developed so that the subsequent segment bonds precisely. Sometimes, it is helpful that the two materials don’t hold fast to one another. Therefore, sans play parts can be “mounted” in the form.

What are the Advantages of 2K Injection Mould Technology?

The 2K injection mould technology offers many advantages to both the manufacturers and the users. This is what makes it stand out among the other technologies available out there. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages below.

1.      Ability to Produce Complex Geometry

If you have the right tool design and the right molding approach to optimize the 2K injection mould process, it can help the manufacturers produce highly complex geometry parts. You can also produce detailed plastic parts in extremely large volumes. You will notice that there is no deviation in the products.

Want to know what the key to consistency is? It is the analysis techniques and reliance on data collection that revolves around the scientific molding. Moreover, the engineers are extremely trained for the process as well. This is what helps the manufacturers achieve the specialization that they require.

2.      Efficiency

Another huge advantage of the 2K injection mould technology is the efficiency that the process offers. The engineering team has decades of experience that they put into the production process. This is what enables them to determine how to optimize manufacturing and part design. When they implement the best practices in the process, it helps them focus on design upfront. As a result, it will minimize the problems later on for both the users and the manufacturers.

3.      Durability and Strength

The durability and strength is also a positive aspect of the injection mould technology. The strength and sturdiness of plastics have incredibly expanded throughout the long term, and the present lightweight thermoplastics can withstand even the harshest conditions comparable to — or better than — metal parts. There are over 25,000 designed materials to browse for building complex injection molded applications. Elite mixes and crossovers can likewise be figured to meet quite certain part necessities and attributes, like high rigidity.

4.      Ability to Use Multiple Types of Plastic Simultaneously

It is a quite common fact that complex designs require material made from different plastics. This is exactly what the 2K injection mould technology offers to the manufacturers. The technology can easily use multiple types of plastic simultaneously which can be quite complicated for other methods. Not only this, but the technology ensures compatibility in all situations. This is what makes the technology different from other molding technologies out there.

5.      Cost-Efficient

There are a few different ways that injection molding technology can help OEMs experience lower costs, from plastic part combination to over-embellishment. Zeroing in on Plan for Manufacturability and other itemized measures during the planning stage altogether decreases the number of issues at times experienced with pliability – limiting the requirement for costly tooling changes, and other creation delays.

6.      Highly Precise Parts

The 2K injection mould technology is responsible for offering the precision in the plastic parts that we require. Whether you are looking for OEMs with complex designs that require tight tolerance or want to achieve some basic design, you can achieve it all. That’s because the technology offers an accuracy of +/- .001 inches. These measurements are not only easy to achieve but are quite repeatable across different production methods and equipment.

7.      Multiple Finishes

The majority of the injection-molded parts are created with a smooth surface completion near the ideal last look. In any case, a smooth appearance isn’t fitting for each application. Contingent upon the physical and compound properties of the plastics utilized, injection molding takes into account surface completes that don’t need optional tasks — from matte completions and interesting surfaces to etching and the sky is the limit from there.

8.      Flexibility

The 2K injection mould technology is all about flexibility. Whether you want to ascribe some plastic property or are looking for custom color of your choice, you can get it all with this latest technology. Thus, as compared to metal, you have all the freedom in the design selection as well.

9.      Light in Weight

Even though it is generally common in the car business, the OEMs utilize light-weighting in various enterprises. Utilizing plastic parts lessens the heaviness of metal parts. Today, you can utilize high-strength, lightweight thermoplastics to supplant metal segments with basically no distinction in strength or steadfastness.

10.  Less Wastage

Another great thing about injection molding technology is that it is extremely environmentally friendly. That’s because the manufacturers understand their responsibility towards the environment and for this reason, they adopt sustainable practices such as plastic regrind. This minimizes the wastage and benefits the OEMs directly.

Final Words

The 2K injection mould technology is one of the most popular injection molding technologies out there. That’s because of all the benefits that we have mentioned above. We hope the guide will prove to be helpful to you in deducing the importance of this technology. Welcome to contact us now for more information!



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