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How long it will take Tip-Top Molds to quote an RFQ?

We would send our quotation form out in 24 hours for a package up to 5 molds. For urgent case, please mark it in your RFQ email, we could give our quotation quicker in accordance.

How long will it take to build an injection mold?

It will take 4 to 8 weeks for Tip-Top to build an injection mold.

What is the smallest mold size and weight which Tip-Top made?

The Smallest Mold Size: 150x150x150mm, Weight: 20kg.

What is the biggest mold size and weight which Tip-Top made?

The Biggest Mold Size: 1000x1500x1200mm, Weight: 14000kg.

How to know the update molds status which Tip-Top Molds are building?

Tip-Top Molds would send a weekly report about the updated progress with pictures for each customer.

How does Tip-Top Molds guarantee the mold quality and lifetime?

In order to guarantee the mold quality and lifetime, firstly, Tip-Top Molds would control the sources of procurement strictly and key components of the mold would be purchased from some global companies,such as Incoe, MoldMaster, Hasco, DME and Parker. Secondly, Tip-Top Molds would do the machining with different equipment even if they are very tiny details,like Chamfer,vent slots,thread tapping and mold fit. Furthermore, Tip-Top Molds always pay much attention to the Quality Control so our engineers and quality inspector will check the mold and samples carefully every time. Only after making sure there is no problem anymore would we deliver the mold to our customers.

What payment terms will Tip-Top Mold take?

Normally, the payment terms will be as 40% with PO, 40% after T0 and 20% before shipping.

Whether Tip-Top Molds will supply with some qualification certificate with the molds?

Tip-Top Molds will supply with the Steel Certificate and Heat Treat Certificate with the molds.

What other documents will Tip-Top Molds provide for each customer?

Tip-Top Molds will provide each customer with CMM Measuring Report, Molding Process Report, Mold Pictures and Bill of Material (BOM), etc.


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