Over-Molding Plastic on Metal: 10 Useful Tips

March 12, 2022

What are Injection molding machines?

Injection molding machines are over-molding plastic on metal designed for injection molding of serial products from polymeric materials.

Mini injection molding machines allow the production of various batches of precise small parts of any complexity from polyurethane, polystyrene, polyester, polyamide, and other thermoplastic polymers.

However, a large assortment of mini injection molding machines of the SS series, for molding small-sized products. In addition, the over-molding injection molding machine has proven to be a reliable and efficient plastic injection molding machine.

Advantages of over-molding plastic on metal

Mini horizontal injection molding machines for molding small-sized products of the SS series deliver in a ready-made package. Moreover, the mini injection molding machine meets international quality standards and has a number of advantages:

  • Impeccable build quality;
  • Reliability and stability of work;
  • High performance at low energy costs;
  • The ability to work in automatic and semi-automatic modes;
  • Availability of reliable protection systems;
  • Purity and safety of production;
  • Ease of maintenance and quick changeover;
  • The ability to quickly change molds;
  • Minimal vibration and noiselessness;
  • Affordable cost of injection molding machines, spare parts, components, and consumables;
  • Suitable for various types of molds and different types of material;
  • The ability to work from the network 220v.

The injection molding machine provides a high mass heating rate

In the over-molding plastic on metal, the heaters locate close to the material. Thanks to the small-sized injection molding machines which provide a high mass heating rate, which significantly saves energy resources.

In addition, all parts of the mini injection molding machine are highly reliable and have a significant margin of safety. Moreover, the small-sized desktop injection molding machine has a small size that does not require large production areas.

The mini injection molding machine: Peculiarities

Distinctive features of the mini injection molding machine increase productivity, high dosing accuracy, and joint operation of all units.

However, in over-molding plastic on the metal of the series, instead of plungers, the melt mixes by screws, consisting of a torpedo and a retaining ring, which allow the mixing of the melted mass with the highest quality.

The mini Injection molding machine can operate on 220V.

When choosing injection molding machines, the following indicators should be the determining factors: the distance between the guide columns, the forces required to close the injection molds, the injection pressure indicators. 

Moreover, the dimensions of the maximum molds installed on injection molding machines depend on the distance between the columns.

Requirements for environmental safety

The production of products and the quality of raw materials for over-molding plastic on metal are subject to increased requirements for environmental safety standards.

Moreover, the choice of injection molding machine should base on the tasks that can solve with the help of injection molding equipment.

Mini injection molding machine series: Specifications

The mini injection molding machine series represents a wide range of models of injection molding machines for the production of various plastic products with different technical characteristics. Moreover, the most significant of them:

  • Motor power ranges from 3 KW in the SSF 320 injection molding machine to 13 KW in the SSF 1200 injection molding machine;
  • A clamping force from 320 KN to 1200 KN;
  • Each model of injection molding machine has the ability to install two or three auger options with different rotation speeds and different maximum injection pressures;
  • Different injection speeds, from 25-32 grams/sec in SSF320 to 89.105 and 128 grams/sec in SSF 920;
  • The minimum melt injection volumes are 30 cm3 for the SSF 320 and the maximum 158 cm3 for the SSF 900 and SSF 920.

The servo drives ensure high stability and precision

Injection molding machines mini-series SS start closing the mold simultaneously with the start of injection of the molten mass, gradually increasing the force. Moreover, mold clamping units of over-molding plastic on metal provide full automation of the production process and greatly facilitate and shorten the process of manufacturing parts.

The injection molding machine has good rigidity

Despite the rather lightweight desktop injection molding machine, the injection molding machine has good rigidity due to its reliable and durable frame. However, the special design of the screws ensures the high quality of the prepared melt.

The automatic control system doses the injection volume with high precision and regulates its speed. Moreover, multi-stage control of all stages of production ensures the stability and absolute accuracy of the linear dimensions of small-sized products.

Application areas of over-molding plastic on metal

In addition, the wide possibilities of the equipment allow the use of a mini injection molding machine in any field of industry, mechanical engineering, medicine, companies in the production of furniture, electrical products, toys, and other plastic parts.

Moreover, on horizontal small-sized injection molding machines, it is possible to manufacture parts for various purposes:

  • Furniture fittings and components;
  • Accessories of plastic windows;
  • Parts for medical devices and equipment of varying complexity;
  • Stationery, souvenirs, toys, etc.;
  • Various kitchen utensils.

Moreover, mini injection molding machines are designed for micro-molding of small batches of plastic parts.

Injection molding machine for micro-molding

Over-molding plastic on a mini metal of any model consists of the main components:

  • Plasticizing unit, which includes heated cylinders and screws. This is the preparation unit where the raw material enters, melts, and moves into the molds. Moreover, the design of the unit ensures high accuracy of dosing and preparation of the polymer mass.
  • In addition, a clamping unit operating under the action of a toggle mechanism or hydraulics is used to mold plastic products;

However, electric motors of injection molding machines ensure the operation of hydraulics that drive the elements of the injection molding machine.

Injection molding machine: The hydraulic system

The hydraulic system includes control valves, pumps, cylinders, and drives for ejectors of finished molded parts from injection molds.

Moreover, through the over-molding plastic on metal automation system with a touch screen, molding parameters and modes are set, heaters, drives, and all molding processes controlled:

  • The temperature regime of the cylinders is set for the preparation of raw materials for injection;
  • Injection pressure, speed, dosing of polymers, and holding time are set;
  • Distances of movements of pushers regulate.

Moreover, over-molding plastic on metal consists of a movable plate and a fixed plate. In addition, when the plates close, cavities form between them, into which the molten hot mass injects under high pressure.


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