How to set color management in plastic mold for lawn mower parts?

November 15, 2021

This article explores standards and recommends procedures to ensure neutrality in color measurement to avoid plastic mold for lawn mower parts ion trauma.

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The acceptance or rejection of variations in the tone of plastic mold for lawn mowers can generate traumatisms in the plastic mold for lawn mower ion.  This article explores standards and best practices to ensure neutrality in color measurement.  

For this reason, it is established that color is a subjective interpretation, which occurs in our visual process and is generated by a physical phenomenon.

How color represents the Plastic mold for the lawn mower position?

In companies where color is controlled, it is very recurrent that the people who inspect color have different concepts. Also, the interpretation of color can be influenced by your position within the company.

For example, the one for plastic mold for lawn mower parts ion purposes will have a wider tolerance for variations in tonality. Similarly, the one that controls the quality of the molded article will have a more rigorous tolerance. We rely on the history of this plastic mold for lawn mower where your customer.

In the same way, the perception of color represents age, eyestrain, drug use, and other physiological problems. Even so, without these influences, each person perceives color differently. This subjectivity can lead to confusion and frustration among customers, suppliers, quality plastic mold for lawn mower ion teams, and managers.

What is the language of color?

It is very important to know some basic aspects of color and colorimeters, in order to establish better tools in visual perception and make better decisions for plastic mold for lawn mower parts in color tolerance.

Moreover, the color starts from the illumination of an object and the perception by an observer. For this reason, these three aspects, the illuminant, the object, and the observer, are keys in the standardization and tolerance of color.

The CIE “International Lighting Commission” was in charge of quantifying these three aspects. It is in order to give more objectivity to the measurement of the color. For this, a standard observer was established, and the object and illuminants were important.

What is a visible spectrum in Plastic mold for a lawn mower?

Of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, only the fraction from 400 nm to 700 nm takes as the wavelength. Being the fraction where we can perceive color. This fraction is the visible spectrum.

Further, when we talk about the interaction of light with the plastic mold, it refers to the fact. It is the light that falls on the object that will have different reactions.

D65 is the most popular illuminant as artificial light for color inspection of plastic articles. In the graph, the wavelength range for the visible spectrum comes on the X-axis. Similarly, the relative spectral power comes on the Y-axis. Moreover, this will give a spectral distribution in the visible spectrum for the illuminant.

How to show wavelength and spectral power in Plastic mold for a lawn mower?

Moreover, now the standard observer graph is the way to quantify the observer about plastic mold for lawn mower parts. The visual spectrum comes on the X-axis. Three curves plot on the graph each represented for the CIE color matching or color matching functions.

plastic mold for lawn mower parts 2021

The three functions indicate the amount of each primary function. These are necessary to match the color of one watt of the radiant power of the indicated wavelength.

Speaking the same language

When someone asks us to describe the comparison of color, we can even use words such as darker, redder, and dirtier. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize this language. This is how color models such as those shown in figure 5 are established.

Recommendations for measuring color

If you have a history of lots shipped and lots rated by the company’s color expert staff, you can better determine.  Plastic mold for lawn mower parts being evaluated can be accepted. The first thing that I must structure is a color inspection. For this you need:

Standardization of light and place of visual inspection:

It is necessary to establish under which light we must control the color specification. It is advisable to do it in a light booth using the D65 light.

Object standardization:

Pieces of the same geometry must be compared. The incidence of light must be the same in both pieces, so it is necessary to choose an angle. It is advisable to have the pieces at an angle of 45 °.

Some pigments have a greater change in tone and effect when the angle of observation changes; For example, effects for plastic mold for lawn mowers such as pearls and metallic ones can, due to this phenomenon, carry different information to the brain due to the incidence of light at different angles, which can lead to a bad decision.

Use the same background to carry out the visual inspection:

A phenomenon known as lateral inhibition occurs in our visual process, where we can perceive differences in color in the same items when they are observed in different backgrounds.

We can get the best results if we follow certain instructions from reliable plastic mold manufacturers.

Standardization of the observer:

The decision criteria of the observers must be unified. For this, they must have experience in the history of the plastic mold for lawn mower parts and the client, have on hand a color pattern with maximum, minimum, and standard, built based on the experience of variation of the tone, by formula, machine, and process conditions, among others.

Furthermore, it is recommended to put in this color pattern the most critical variables that affect the tone of the article. Observers’ judgment can be standardized by evaluating the approval tolerance of the customer and the personnel inspecting the color. It is necessary to carry out a color perception test and use a spectrophotometer to build a “cloud” of tolerance between companies and people.


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