Your Key to Success: Top Injection Mold Manufacturer in China

February 02, 2022

Industrial plastic is one of the main materials common in production in top injection mold manufacturers in China from the most diverse segments around the world. Versatile polymers are able to meet varied needs with great quality.

The ease and speed of production

Among the main reasons that lead to the adoption of plastic in industrial processes is the ease and speed of production. Using molding techniques, it is possible to mass-produce in record time, when compared to other raw materials.

This practicality, however, can only achieve by carrying out a series of steps that ensure the suitability for different projects and a quality service capable of meeting the needs.

Below, we present you with these steps, increasing your knowledge about the thermoplastic molding process. You can make even more assertive decisions and stand out from your competition.

The best top injection mold manufacturer in China

The design chosen for your part or product is essential to achieve a satisfactory molding, paying attention to the following factors:

  • Thickness of the mold walls – which must be constant throughout the part;
  • Eliminate unnecessary parts – whenever it is possible to eliminate components without any loss to the design, eliminate;
  • Adjust the size – the measurements must be adequate to avoid distortions and loss of capacity of the parts. If necessary, divide the project into more parts;
  • Respect the thickness of each material – different plastic resins have maximum and minimum thicknesses to achieve the results, respect the characteristics of each material;
  • Take care of transitions – eliminate sharp transitions in the design in top injection mold manufacturers in China that cause tension in molded plastic;
  • Beware of Straight Corners – Straight edges weaken parts due to molded tension common by resin flow. Prefer to work with curves;
  • Beware of thick sections – thick sections with screw holes can cause sags and voids in your part;
  • Be careful with the fillets – count on support resources for the pieces in your design;
  • Be careful with the ribs – the ribs must not exceed 60% of the wall thickness, under the risk of causing sags;
  • Beware of Vertical Walls – Vertical walls should be as sloped as possible to facilitate mold ejection.
  • Prefer cavities – cavities are a better option than ribs as they allow for the maintenance of thickness in the part.

Sketch (as much as possible):

Even with all the care in the top injection mold manufacturers in China. It is important to make more than one design draft, always looking to correct and improve. This is an important measure that helps to achieve maximum quality and efficiency.

The more the thermoplastic injection partner understands what it needs. The better it will be able to offer solutions that meet its needs, bring productivity gains, and reduce costs.

Top Injection molding manufacturer for your product

Each product that passes through the thermoplastic injection molding machine is unique in its characteristics and intentions. It is important to remember that there are a number of established solutions that are easy to be adopted by your top injection mold manufacturer in China.

Talk to your supplier and check the best suitable options for your parts, in order to offer the best resistance and suitability for your goals. This is an important detail that directly impacts the final result.

Check for logos or texts on industrial plastic parts

It is common for companies to want to identify their components. On plastic, this is easy to do during molding and offering textured identifications.

The texts and logos that will be applied must count in the design. They will be part of the mold common in the top injection mold manufacturer in China.

Check for thin edges in injection molding:

Edges can be a challenge to achieve quality industrial plastic molding. When thin, they restrict flow, leading to breakage and other handling defects.

It is important that all these details are checked with trained professionals. Following are the suggested changes.

Check for pieces that fit together:

Having identical parts that fit together and are complete is always a good solution when we are talking about plastic injection.

In this way, it is possible to use the same mold, generating savings and increasing the productivity and speed of the process. It is always necessary to verify the existence of these components to achieve these effects.

The expectation from injection mold manufacturer to meet all needs

When choosing the top injection mold manufacturer in China, the expectation for components, and products with industrial plastic, is to have a result that is able to meet all needs.

For this result to be possible, it is essential to study the tolerance and resistance of the project, as well as the potential resins to be common. This study must be done before the molding begins, avoiding waste of resources.

Choose the suitable material

After taking all the care with the design, paying attention to critical points that can compromise the entire final result, it is time to choose the resin that will be common in the injection of thermoplastics.

There are many top injection mold manufacturers in China found on the market today that have different characteristics, which must be taken into account considering the design, functionality, and expectations of manufacturers simultaneously.

Choose dyes

Industrial plastic welcomes most colors, and these specific dyes are common that do not change the composition or structure of the material and guarantee results for the entire life cycle of the product.

When the preference for colors that are outside the basic palettes, it is possible to achieve the desired result through studies and mixtures of different tones, remembering that the amount of dye applied and how it will be manipulated vary from resin to resin.

Choosing resin additives:

Although plastic resins are able to meet most of the needs of industries, in some cases, it is necessary to reinforce characteristics, such as chemical and physical resistance, malleability, among others, through the application of additives.

Among the main additives common, the following is easy to highlight:

  • Glass fibers;
  • Carbon fiber;
  • Minerals;
  • Teflon;
  • Aramid wound;
  • UV inhibitors, etc.

Industrial plastics: the best choice for your product

If plastic is one of the main raw materials in the top injection mold manufacturer in China today, this is due to its stupendous versatility and quality to meet the most varied objectives and needs.

For this, however, the material needs to be correctly worked, not only counting on suitable molding machinery but also making adjustments in designs, choosing the right resin, and using other products to adjust the final result, such as dyes and additives.


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