Benefits of Injection Molding in China, other than On-Time Delivery Plastic Mold Supplier in China

September 01, 2021

Impact of On-time Delivery Plastic Mold Supplier in China

The concept of On-Time Delivery Plastic Mold Supplier in China is not new. From suppliers’ point of view, on-time delivery is all about survival through efficiency in on-time delivery. Buyers look at on-time delivery as the first thing to demand while getting into a business relationship with sellers. During the COVID 19 era, the focus on on-time delivery (OTD) took an added importance with regard to large scale supplies.

The concept of OTD also focuses on the fact that inefficiencies within the supply chain of any business are unacceptable. Their ripple effects put the business at stake. Plastic mold supplier in China can’t afford delays in routine. The worst scenario the supplier may face is to bear the unnecessary cost in terms of expedited shipping. The supplier is also at the risk of losing the market because it cannot handle a number of customer complaints. 

What is Plastic Injection Molding?

It is the most popular method to make a wide range of parts from plastics with impeccable precision.  The process is highly cost-effective and implies custom-made molds. The injection molding machine creates identical plastic parts in a variety of ways using these molds as per specifications. 

This versatile and highly flexible process serves the purpose for some of the most demanding projects in the world. The projects involve making airplane parts, automotive parts, and medical equipment. The intricate designs produced through plastic injection molding are the priorities of On-time Delivery Plastic Mold Supplier in China.

A plastic injection mold is a typical tool specifically used in the process of plastic injection mould making.

The process of mold making in simplified steps:

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) →3D CAD model of the part→ Sometimes prototype molds are built and tested → Production Mold Building → Mold Trial and review the quality and workmanship.

The plastic injection molding itself is a fast manufacturing process that combines fast processing, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. According to the complexity of the mold, the production speed between each cycle time takes on average 15 – 120 seconds. 

Various Plastic Injection Molding Processes Offered by On-time Delivery Plastic Mold Supplier in China

Various plastic injection molding processes include:

  • Co-injection molding
  • Fusible core injection molding
  • In-mold decoration and in-mold lamination
  • Injection molding of liquid silicone rubber
  • Gas-assisted injection molding
  • Low-pressure injection molding
  • Injection-compression molding
  • Microcellular molding
  • Reaction injection molding
  • Insert and outsert molding
  • Lamellar (microlayer) injection molding
  • Resin transfer molding
  • Micro injection molding
  • Multicomponent injection molding
  • Multiple live-feed injection molding
  • Powder injection molding
  • Push-Pull injection molding
  • Rubber injection
  • Thin-wall molding
  • Vibration gas injection molding
  • Structural foam injection molding
  • Structural reaction injection molding
  • Water assisted injection molding 

Benefits of Injection Molding in China Other Than On-Time Delivery Plastic Mold Supplier in China

According to the CEO of On-Time Moulds, “The success of plastic injection mould making boils down to the ability of delivering high-quality products at the shortest possible time and the lowest possible cost.”

Designing of complex parts

Plastic injection molding creates complex parts with absolute uniformity and coherence. Millions of virtually similar parts are made from this technique. The manufacturers in China take into account the key elements to maximize the impact of plastic injection moulding. Due to optimized plastic injection molding, it is possible to create high-quality precision parts.

Since the moulds are subject to extreme pressure themselves, the plastic within them presses harder. It is very easy to make complex parts with consistency and quality with the right designs.

Faster processing with high efficiency

The high-tech process of plastic injection molding delivers a fairly substantial number of finished parts an hour. The speed of production variates according to the intricate designs and the mold’s size. Usually, 15-120 seconds take to produce parts per cycle.

Controlled labor costs

The automated process of plastic injection molding makes it possible to take maximum work from machines with accuracy. As a result, the cost of manufacturing goes down and there is a significant decrease in other production overheads.

Greater possibility of material choice

The multi-component injection moulding or over-molding results due to greater probability of material selection. In simple words, it is possible to use multiple plastic materials simultaneously to produce high-quality similar parts. For example, PP parts are the result of the over-molding of TPE. 

Lower scrap rates 

Unlike traditional manufacturing procedures, the plastic injection molding process yields minimal post-production scrap. Manufacturers reground or recycle any waste plastic coming from runners or sprue for future use.

Greater possibility to incorporate inserts

Here are the major benefits of investing with an On-time Delivery Plastic Mold Supplier in China. As they promise quality and reliability.

 Better control over inducing eye-catching color

Plastic injection moulding helps in manufacturing plastic parts in the desired colors by applying compounding or masterbatches. 

Higher Strength

With plastic injection moulding, it is convenient to use fillers in the moulding material. These fillers diminish the density of the plastic during its moulding. Such a technique adds higher strength to the finished part. 

Fewer requirements for finishing procedures  

As the parts typically gain a good finished look upon ejection, only a minimal post-production work leaves behind. 

High-output production 

A significant advantage of plastic injection moulding is that it is possible to produce thousands of parts before tooling maintenance. 

Product consistency

Since plastic injection moulding is a recurring process, it produces identical products in the first and second parts. This is a huge benefit in terms of part reliability in high volumes and induction of higher tolerances in the parts.

On-time Delivery Plastic Mold Supplier in China


Plastic injection moulding is an excellent choice for On-time Delivery Plastic Mold Supplier in China. Tip-top industries engaged in plastic injection moulding make new parts with fast and precise machining. With a variety of plastics available today, plastic injection moulding delivers thousands of high-quality parts at an economical cost.

In plastic injection moulding, material selection plays a vital role in the strength of the new parts made. Labour costs are typically low in plastic injection moulding due to the high output rate and effectiveness. The moulding process, by reducing waste, leads towards more sustainable environment.



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