Injection Mold Making in China on a Tight Budget in 2022!

March 01, 2022

Injection mold making equipment

Aluminum products are in demand in various industries, including in construction, mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, injection mold making, etc.

Moreover, specially designed equipment for Injection mold making simplifies the process of producing parts with a high-quality smooth surface, with accurate linear and geometric parameters.

Features of aluminum in injection molding

Aluminum is a soft and lightweight material with a low melting point. Therefore, the technical properties of aluminum make it possible to produce cast products even in artisanal conditions and small workshops.

In addition, it is common in almost all industries, due to its low cost and excellent performance:

  • Firstly, low melting point and good fluidity, allowing the manufacture of products of complex configurations;
  • Secondly, low density and lightweight;
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, high corrosion resistance;
  • Finally, only Slight shrinkage of the molded parts;

Aluminum components perfectly process on injection mold making in China, hand and power tools. Therefore, by adding various modifiers and additives, it is possible to achieve an increase in mechanical strength, resistance to salts and chemicals, and heat resistance.

Injection mold making – process features

When manufacturing products in an injection molding machine, aluminum scrap metal heats to 600 ° C and above. The melt moves into the molding chamber. In addition, with the help of a powerful piston under a certain high pressure, it injects into the split molds.

The main advantages of the molding in machines:

  • Good performance;
  • High process speed;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Low cost of production;
  • Moreover, automation of injection molding reduces the complexity of the process and cuts down human labor;
  • Accurate dosage eliminates the loss of aluminum raw materials;
  • Therefore, with the help of injection molding, it is possible to create thin-walled products, with a minimum thickness of one millimeter.

Casting methods in injection mold making in China

Aluminum continues to be an affordable metal, actively common for the manufacture of a wide variety of parts and structures.
In addition, the choice of technology and casting methods depends on the quality requirements, the required characteristics, and the linear dimensions of future products.

The most popular ways:

  1. Injection mold making in China– common to produce blanks of good quality, with precise geometric shapes.
  2. The material comes in injection molding machines using proven technology:
  3. Raw material heats to a liquid state under the influence of high temperature, over 600°C;
  4. Hot metal moves to the pressing module with the help of a screw;
  5. A piston moving under pressure up to 700 Mpa injects the melt into the mold;
  6. Later, after the cooling is completed, the finished part removes outside.
  7. This technology allows you to create products of various designs with minimally thin smooth walls.

Molding in a machine is an automated process

Molten metal in injection mold making in China is poured into the one-piece formwork from above. Cooled finished products are simply ejected by the mold. In addition, split molds come with a vertical, horizontal, or curved split plane. 

Importance of pressure in injection molding in China

Injection molding using pressure allows you to produce thin-walled products of various configurations, weighing from a few grams. In addition, parts may have various cuts, grooves, recesses, holes, or threads.

Main advantages of injection mold making

Moreover, this technology has many advantages, among which are:

  • High-performance equipment;
  • Accuracy of geometric and linear parameters;
  • The smooth surface of finished products does not require further processing.

Therefore, injection molding is common to create batches of products for medicine, the pharmaceutical, food industry, machine and aircraft industries.

Professional Equipment for injection molding in China

High-precision Injection mold making is essential for pipes, bushings, jewelry, and many other miscellaneous parts.


Using injection molds in China, it is convenient to create parts of various shapes with walls as thin as 0.5 mm. Therefore, with this technology, even smooth surfaces of cast parts obtain. Moreover, the molded parts do not need any mechanical modification.

Several stages of the molding process

In addition, operations for the production of Injection molds carry out in several stages:

  1. The raw material melt at the proper temperature in the hooper.
  2. The melted material is fed into the plunger of the injection molding machine.
  3. With the help of a screw, the molten material moves to the molding department.
  4. The hydraulic piston in injection molds injects the molten material through the nozzles into the steel split mold for slow cooling.
  5. Eject the cooled molded parts – the mold opens and the products are taken out.

In conclusion, the production cycle for creating molded parts in special Injection molding machines takes from a few seconds to a few minutes. Moreover, the time spent depends on the dimensions of the workpiece.


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