10 Quick Tips for China Plastic Over-Molding

March 12, 2022

In recent years, we have noticed an unprecedented increase in the interest of our customers in the purchase of China plastic over-molding machines. They are of various designs with a small clamping force from 15 to 100 tons. They carry an injection volume of up to 250 cubic centimeters.

This factor comes from the demand of the plastic injection market for the transition from the production of collapsible products. These products have a basis in the form of embedded elements poured with plastic compounds.

Most demanding plastic over-molding machine

The most demanded project today is the molding of an electric plug. This product comes from hundreds of enterprises in Europe, despite the strong competition from Chinese manufacturers. But with the growth of the foreign exchange rate, China’s plastic over-molding machine becomes more cost-effective and secure.

So, in the line of vertical injection molding machines, we have several types of thermoplastic machines. They differ in the closure unit. These distinctions come for the convenience of the operator in inserting inserts and removing finished products. Similarly, they increase product productivity.

Vertical plastic over-molding machine: a computer control system

The vertical injection molding machines come with a computer control system. Similarly, they come with an LCD monitor. There is a graphical display of all the actions and parameters of the injection molding machine. All settings for the parameters of the injection machine are important.

Many of our customers purchase China plastic over-molding machines to replace syringe machines manufactured in the USA.

Increasing quality of the resulting products

Subsequently, they note such positive qualities as ease of control, productivity growth, an increase in the quality of the resulting products. It is due to a more powerful injection, as well as mixing the material with a screw. This process allows obtaining the uniformity of the melted mass and its temperature balance.

China plastic over-molding machine: moving parts controlled by potentiometric rulers

This ensures high positioning accuracy of the injection unit, closing, and pusher operation. The control panel of the injection molding machine comes with a memory of molding parameters for 120 sets of molds.

Moreover, it makes changing the tooling easy and fast. It is enough to change the mold and select the program corresponding to it. The machine itself will set all the molding parameters.

China plastic over-molding comes both in a standard version and with the possibility of equipping with a servomotor. It saves electrical energy during product cooling and the manual labor of the operator for laying embedded elements.

A servo drive is immediately obvious

Savings from the installation of a servo drive are immediately obvious. The time of the operator’s work and cooling of the product takes up a large part of the molding cycle.

Now I would like to compare the vertical injection molding machines offered by us in terms of the design of the clamping unit. All machines supplied are hydraulically driven, which means that the closing occurs due to the movement of the piston, which fills with hydraulic oil.

The difference exists in the execution of the bottom plate. It is of two types, movable and fixed. Mobile plates are equipped with models with a sliding, shuttle, double shuttle, and rotary table.

China plastic over-molding machine designed to increase productivity

The sliding table is specially designed for the convenience of working with embedded elements and overall products. It is common when it becomes problematic to insert mortgages due to the limited opening of the plates of the clamping unit. The lower plate, when opened, leaves towards the operator, where he easily carries out his work.

Shuttle table injection molding machines are designed to increase productivity as the bottom plate has two mold halves that alternately mate with the top plate. The essence of productivity growth lies in the parallel work of the operator and plastic over-molding process.

Vertical injection molding machines with a double shuttle table

Vertical injection molding machines with a double shuttle table distinguish by the fact that the lower halves of the mold move at a right angle, allowing operators not to move during operation, as the tables move out to the left and right of it.

Finally, the rotary table vertical injection molding machines characterize by the ability to install from one to four lower half-molds. It is also possible to perform TPA for two-component or two-color molding.

The best option to purchase China plastic over-molding machine

If you have a need to purchase a vertical injection molding machine, welcome to contact our specialists. They will select the best option for you, as well as calculate the cost of molds and all the necessary equipment.

The constancy of the temperature of the mold cavity guarantees the exact repeatability of the product, maintaining the specified geometric dimensions. Among other things, by setting the foundry cooling cycle, you can be sure that it will be constant with a given temperature, which also guarantees the constancy of the quality of the molded products.

Prefer the device with a thermostat for a mold

We suggest paying attention to such a device as a thermostat for a mold. This China plastic over-molding machine connects to the cooling channels of the mold, as well as to refrigeration equipment or running water.

The meaning of the work is to maintain the temperature of the coolant. It can be water or special heat-resistant liquids that are common at higher temperatures of the equipment.

The thermostat is equipped with heating elements

The essence of the work lies in the fact that the thermostat is equipped with heating elements that heat the coolant, as well as a pump that circulates the liquid in the channels of the China plastic over-molding machine.

Thus, there is a maintenance of a constant temperature of the coolant, and hence the cavity of the mold for plastic parts.

Thermostats are of water and oil type

The former is common for temperatures up to 100℃, the latter for a significantly higher liquid temperature. Also, thermostats are single and multi-circuit, which allows you to stabilize the temperature in several independent circuits.

To select an injection molding machine, you need to decide on the required power, because there are devices with heating power from 2 kW to infinity. It all depends on the weight of the mold and the mold cooling system. The mass of the part has a greater effect on the amount of cooling required and is usually not included in the calculation.

In addition, if you have any questions about temperature stabilization when molding plastic products, please contact our specialists. They will choose the most suitable type of equipment for you.


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