Role of Injection Tool for Perfect Tooling Mold

January 17, 2022

With many advantages in durability and performance, injection tool is currently favored by many manufacturing enterprises, especially in the plastic industry. However, to maximize efficiency and avoid operating risks, you need to install and start the machine correctly. 

If you do not know how to do it, please see the following guide of Tip-Top to better understand the installation process of the horizontal mixer!

The Role of Injection Tool in the Plastic Industry

Injection tooling has a relatively low rotational speed. They are often common to mix powder/granular materials or color plastics. This type of machine is currently being common by many businesses. It is to simplify the production process of plastic sheets, plastic cabinets, plastic pipes, etc.

You can use the machine to mix both dry and wet materials. The capacity of the horizontal mixer is very high. It can mix the volume of material from 50kg – 5 tons/batch.

On the other hand, injection tools can easily fit into small workshop spaces thanks to their compact and smart design. In addition, the machine also has the ability to mix materials very evenly (mixing ratio reaches 80-95%), with no dead angle when mixing. It can help improve the quality of finished products significantly.

Horizontal mixer installation process


  • Three-phase power supply (380V).
  • Power CB at least 10 Amps.
  • Conductor with a minimum cross-sectional area of ​​1.5.

Choose A Location to Place the Device

Please note that you need to install the injection tool in a flat, airy place, convenient for workers’ production operations and avoid obstructing the aisle.

The main function of the handwheel is to adjust the discharge. To install this unit, you just need to attach the handwheel to the shaft and screw the screw in place.

Check the Mixing Chamber for injection tooling

You need to open the lid of the mixing chamber to check whether the inside is dirty or jammed with foreign objects. If yes, please clean and sanitize before operating the machine.

Check and clean the discharge mouth.

Similar to the mixing chamber, you also need to pay attention to checking and cleaning the discharge mouth. It is to ensure that the batch is not mixed with impurities, affecting the quality of the final plastic product.

To ensure that the injection tool can operate stably, you need to check the contacts inside the control box for looseness. If so, it needs to adjust with a screwdriver.

Here are the steps to connect the power to the mixer:

  • Disconnect the CB before connecting to ensure safety.
  • Connect three-phase wires to the contacts L1, L2, L3 of the CB.
  • Connect the ground wire.

Check the Rotation Direction of the injection tool

After connecting the power source, set the timer for at least 1 minute and press the start button. Next, you need to observe the direction of rotation of the screw to see if it matches the direction of the arrow printed on the machine. If the direction of rotation is reversed, then you need to change the position of the red wire and the black wire of the CB.

Operating Procedure

To operate the mixer properly, you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1: Put the material in and close the lid of the mixing chamber.

When closing the lid of the mixing chamber, please note: 

  • Lock the door carefully.
  • Check if the limit switch is closed.
  • Make sure the lock on the back of the injection tool is securely attached.
What is a plastic injection tool?

With today’s modern industrial production, plastic granulators are no longer strange equipment in the plastic industry. They play an important role in the supply of plastic materials in most industries as well as in life.

But how this device works, how to create completely new finished plastic beads from the starting material is synthetic PVC powder, not everyone knows.

Operation of the Plastic Granulator

To create finished products those are completely new plastic beads from common materials. The injection tool has a particularly intelligent operating principle.

This equipment works based on a closed and seamless cyclic process from the input of raw materials to the output of products. In particular, this entire process takes place automatically. The machine will do everything under the control of the technical staff standing by the machine.

From common materials, the machine will create new plastic particles. These come from polymer molecules with high molecular weight. Because of this factor, the product line of plastic granulators divides into several groups based on product characteristics such as PP, PVC, PE plastic granulators.

Experience When Buying a Plastic Granulator

You do not worry too much that the use and creation of injection tools will affect the environment and safety problems during use. Just choosing to buy the right quality product line from the top reputable units, is a smart investment with many practical benefits.

Some experiences when choosing to buy a plastic granulator that you should keep in mind:

Choose to buy products with strong capacity, applying modern technology. You should only choose to buy genuine products at a reasonable price, do not be too greedy, and then fall into the situation of “losing money”.

Buy from Best Injection Tool Company

Choose to buy plastic granulators from plastic machinery sellers who are:

  • With reputable sales policies
  • With clear commitments
  • With preferential regimes
  • With Transparent and long-term warranty policies.

Check the injection tool company before deciding to choose. You should choose to buy a machine with good performance, stable operation, no noise, and high quality of finished products. This reduces input cost pressure for businesses.


Hopefully, with the above useful sharing, you have better understood the product line of the plastic granulator. If you have any questions or want to choose to buy quality products at attractive prices, do not hesitate to contact us for answers.

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