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January 17, 2022

In the plastic injection mold factory, plastic drying is an essential stage that can hardly be ignored. So what is plastic drying and why is it necessary to dry plastic? How is plastic drying appropriate and effective? What should be paid attention to when drying plastic?

Where should I buy a reputable and quality plastic dryer? We will answer these questions in the following article. Let’s find out right away!

Plastic drying is an important stage in the plastic production process

What is plastic drying?

Plastic drying is the work of drying plastic beads before moving the plastic beads to the next stage.

Why do you need to dry plastic?

As we all know, in a plastic injection mold factory, primary plastic particles (usually in the form of pellets), especially scraps, are often packed into paper bags or tarpaulins. There will be a situation where plastic particles absorb moisture from the air in the air. It is best for distribution, transportation, and storage.

Depending on the characteristics of the external environment as well as the geographical location, plastic materials have high or low moisture content.

If we do not dry the plastic before production, it is very likely that the physical properties of the plastic will be changed. However, this can also affect the quality of the finished product with common errors such as air bubbles, porosity, etc.

Therefore, to limit the above problems, plastic drying is extremely necessary.

Drying Plastic Materials in Plastic Injection Mold Factory

There are two issues to keep in mind when drying plastic materials: drying time and plastic drying temperature. If the drying temperature is too low or not suitable, even if it dries for a long time, it will not be able to dry the plastic thoroughly and effectively.

Therefore, it is best to apply modern designed plastic dryers with intelligent plastic injection mold factory help. It is best to ensure effective plastic drying be better.

A plastic drying hopper is the first choice to ensure the efficiency of the plastic drying process.

Working Principle of Plastic Dryers

If the plastic is not dry, it will change the physical properties and reduce the life of the plastic. Therefore, to ensure the correct and effective plastic drying process, it is necessary to have a plastic pellet dryer.

Because this comes with decent equipment with the ability to adjust the temperature, drying time, and high stability in the plastic injection mold factory.

The main operating principle of current plastic dryers and hoppers is hot air circulation. With this method, hot air circulates in a closed circle while reducing heat loss and providing excellent drying efficiency.

What is an injection mold company?

How does this device work? What outstanding advantages does the product possess? All will soon be revealed in the article below. Please read along to learn more about this line of machinery that is especially popular among the plastic industry!

What Is a Plastic Injection Mold Factory?

Injection Mold Company also provides many services such as drying centrifuge or plastic granule dryer. As the name implies, this device is common to remove water, oil, cleaning solutions, and excess paint from plastic embryos.

Therefore, the recycled product is of standard quality. Moreover, this ensures the expected durability easily. To meet the user’s requirements well, the centrifugal dryer has a very superior operating mechanism.

Two Ways Drying Process:

In a plastic injection mold factory, the machine speeds up the drying process in two ways. First, the product will create a rotating mechanism of centrifugal force, causing the water, paint solution, and dirt to remain on the workpiece’s surface to eject.

Next, the heating system of the centrifugal dryer will heat the air. They blow evenly around the dryer. Because the air is hot, the water vapor will rise faster.

And yet, inside the centrifugal stirrer, a large turbine propeller is also next to the suction machine. Therefore, after the drying process, the plastic embryos are no longer water, completely dry, but become dry to ensure the next recycling process, such as HDPE, PVC, etc. Soon, please come to the next section of the plastic injection mold factory to better understand the outstanding advantages that this line of equipment possesses.

Centrifugal Plastic Machine

With extensive experience in supplying plastic machinery, Tip-Top Molds has been proud to be a professional company for a long time. With the following outstanding advantages, the centrifugal plastic extractor machine now brings customers unexpected satisfaction.

Quiet operation

Plastic injection mold factory provides stable operation, minimizing noise during operation. Therefore, workers in factories and workshops using these devices do not worry about affecting their hearing. This has the ability to hear as well as feel uncomfortable because of working in noise-polluted environments.

Quick Drying Ability

In particular, with fast acceleration, the system of the blower and air heater closely connect, the product also offers outstanding drying ability.

On average, it only takes about 5-10 minutes. The products that need to dry quickly drain steam are no longer moist, well prepared for the next recycling process.

Outstanding Durability of Plastic injection mold factory

Possessing a high-grade alloy steel case system painted with many anti-rust layers, the device also brings a long-lasting beauty. Moreover, this avoids the natural oxidation that causes rust.

On the other hand, the surface of the machine is very resistant to collisions, against strong impact forces. Therefore, you can also own a long-lasting and bright machinery system without having to spend too much on maintenance and repair costs.

Easy to use

In particular, the plastic injection mold factory comes with a high-tech control system with clear and easy-to-understand programming. Therefore, you can soon make only equipment and make important strides, significantly improving productivity and quality in the working process.

Ability to Program on Demand

Along with that, the plastic injection mold factory also has the ability to program, set up on demand, and easily schedule. As a result, the drying workpiece ensures uniform drying, avoiding the phenomenon of quality loss that affects the durability after the recycling process.

Centrifugal Plastic Machine

In particular, the products that plastic injection mold factories provide are also highly appreciated by customers/partners because of their low power consumption, stable operation, and reasonable control of the risk of overload leading to the fire.

Combined with that, the warranty policy has a competitive price and a superior warranty policy, accompanying customers for life. Therefore, whenever you need support, a plastic injection mold factory is immediately there to work with you to solve the problem, ensuring that the planned plans are carried out easily.


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