• To Purchase Steel, Moldbase and Components
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      To Purchase Steel, Moldbase and Components

      According to BOM, the buyers would issue purchase orders for mold base, and steel for cavity & core blocks, slides, inserts, lifters, and other components.

      Our mold base and steel suppliers are LKM, Mingli, and Pingjing.

      Hydraulic cylinder suppliers are Parker and Merkle.

      Components suppliers are Junfeng, Hasco, DME, and Progressive components.

      Hot Runner system suppliers are Incoe, Ewikon, MoldMaster, and Yudo.

    • to proceed with the moldmaking per drawings
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      To Proceed with the Mold-Making per Drawings

      To guarantee the mold quality, we would do the machining with different equipment even if they are very tiny details, like Chamfer, vent slots, thread tapping, and mold fit.

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