• inspection and test
    • 01

      Inspection and Test

      All the items sourced need to be inspected or measured before they are put into the warehouse. All the electrodes will be fully measured with CMM. Each component or part will be measured after it gets machined off each piece of equipment. We would do the measuring with CMM in 3 days for cavity & core blocks before the T0 mold trial, to make sure the dimensions and profile will be correct.

    • assembly test
    • 02

      Assembly Test

      After all the parts and components are machined well, we will do the mold assembling, to check the PL blue mark good or not for cavity & core blocks, slides, lifters. If we find some clearance, we would re-machine it till we have a good blue mark. To check if the actions of the ejection, hydraulic cylinders, Air cylinders, slides, and lifters are moving smoothly. To do the water leakage test:to check all the water circuits to see if they are through or stopped for all the cavity & core blocks, sliders, and lifters.


    • mold trial and sampling
    • 03

      Mold Trial and Sampling

      After the mold is put into the injection press, we would check if the mold function is normal or not. According to different materials, prompt cooling water or cooling oil will be connected into the mold. To check the mold temperature to see if it is high enough. When all the mold trial conditions are good, we will begin with the sampling. Firstly we will test the gating to check if the gating is balanced or not. After the molding parameter is stable, we will turn the press into automatic running.


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