Grip Part_Overmold

The Grip Part of Lawn Blower-Overmold- Injection Mold

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The Grip Part of Lawn Blower-Overmold- Injection Mold

This is an injection molded part from an Overmold, which is the Grip Part of a Lawn Blower. Its plastic substrate is made from ABS, red and the plastic overmolding part is made from TPE, black.

This part is produced by two molds, including a 4+4 cavity plastic injection mold and overmold with the hot runner, of which cavity and core blocks are made of H-13 steel. Their mold type is High Volume Production Tool. Besides, the mold surface finish for this part is SPI-A2 standard and the texture includes MT1055-3, MT-30008, and MT-1102. Furthermore, the sizes of these two molds are 850*600*570mm and 750*500*480mm, and their net weights are 1955kg and 1225kg. The mold’s service life would be 1,000,000 shots.

Both the plastic injection mold and the overmold are made by Tip-Top molds in Shenzhen, China. The molded part on the picture you’ve seen is also the sample we produced for customer’s verification. After the mold trial every time, we delivered the samples to our American customers by UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Molds are too heavy to take the express delivery so they were delivered by the logistics company after being packaged in wooden boxes. We would help to handle it, but of course, customers could arrange their own freight forwarder too.

Lawn Blower Injection Mold  Manufacturer Professional Plastic injection molding service

1. Start from part design analysis.
2. Mold design drawing and DFM report are available so you can see how is the mold going to be before mold making.
3. If the product is complex, the Moldflow report will be present as well.
4. In-house mold-making shop can ensure your mold quality is under well control.
5. Normally it takes 20-40 days to make a mold, precise time depends on part design.
6. Injection molded parts can be different materials such as ABS/PC/PP/PA6/PA6+GF/PA6+GB, etc.
7. Tip-Top Molds can also provide different surface treatments for injection molded parts.
8. Commonly use surface treatment for injection molded parts as Texture/Sandy/MT/SPI/EDM finish/smooth/glossy/VDI, etc.
9. Besides making injection molded parts, we also provide printing, welding, assembly, and packing services.


Part Material

ABS-Liberty Red + TPEBlack

Part Application

Grip Part for Lawn Blower

Selling Units

2 Molds: Plastic Injection Mold + Overmold

Mold Type

High Volume Production Tool

Mold Details

4+4 –Cavity Overmold with Hot Runner

Mold Finish

a.MT 1055-3




Mold Steel

Cavity and Core Blocks: H-13

Mold Size

850*600*570mm, 750*500*480mm

Mold Weight

1955kg, 1225 kg

Mold Photos


Place of Origin

Shenzhen, China

Package Type

Wooden Box

Inner Box Size

950*700*680 mm, 850*600*550 mm

Outer Box Size

1000*750*790 mm, 900*650*690 mm

Gross Weight

2015kg, 1275 kg

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