The Transport Protection Shell-Injection Mold

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This is an injection molded part from a plastic injection mold, which is the Transport Protection Shell. It is made from PP, red. The whole Transport Protection Part can be divided into two pieces including the upper half part, and the bottom half part. The whole part is produced by a single injection mold with 1+1-cavity and 2 slides, of which the blocks are made of 1.2343 steel. Its mold type is High Volume Production Tool. Besides, the mold surface finish for this whole part is SPI-B3 standard. Furthermore, the size of the mold is 500*350*403 mm, and its net weight is 415kg. The mold service life would be 1,000,000 shots.

The injection mold is made by Tip-Top molds in Shenzhen, China. The molded part on the picture you’ve seen is also the sample we produced for customer’s verification. After the mold trial every time, we delivered the samples to our German customer by UPS or FedEx. Mold is too heavy to take the express delivery so it was delivered by the logistics company after being packaged in a wooden box. We would help to handle it, but of course, customers could arrange their own freight forwarder too.


Part Material

PP TV 20RAL 3001

Part Application

Transport Protection Shell

Part Size

153*123.99*44.25mm, 153*126.54*75.75mm

Selling Units

Single Mold

Mold Type

High Volume Production Tool

Mold Details

1+1- Cavity, 2 Slides, 2-Drops, Cold Runner

Mold Finish


Mold Steel


Mold Size

500*350*403 mm

Mold Weight

415 kg

Mold Photos



Place of Origin

Shenzhen, China

Package Type

Wooden Box

Package Size

600*450*470 mm

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