• first design meeting
    • 01

      First Design Meeting

      Tip-Top Molds would hold a design meeting for all new molds. All the molds and parts information will be presented in the meeting, to ensure the team knows the customer’s request in detail.

    • to discuss any issues
    • 02

      To Discuss Any Issues

      By analyzing the characters of the part to find out any issues we have with the part and the mold. We would pay more attention to some points like draft, undercuts, potential sink, and deformation.

    • to work out a design direction
    • 03

      To Work Out a Design Direction

      Our team would work out a proposal for the mold structure based on the customer’s request and the issues we have with the part and the mold.

    • to feedback the part design
    • 04

      Feedback of the Part Design Optimization

      Tip-Top Molds would supply a DFM report to the customer, which will show prompt draft, no useful undercuts, potential sink marks, and suggestions to these problems.

    • to reach an agreement
    • 05

      To Reach an Agreement

      After communication between our team and the customer, the part design will be changed a little bit for better de-molding in accordance.


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