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Mold Manufacturing

Plastic Injection Molding is an excellent choice for designers and engineers who are looking forward to taking the parts and products into mass production.
With a variety of plastics available, Injection Molds have the capacity to produce economical plastic parts at a range of volumes for you.
The process of mold making can be summarized and simplified in the following steps:
1. Design For Manufacturability (DFM)
2. 3D CAD model of the part
3. Sometimes prototype molds are built and tested
4. Production Mold Building
5. Mold Trial and review the quality and workmanship.

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Why Choose Injection Molds for New Part?

Molds and tools are the mothers of our industry. Some new technology like SLA and 3D printers are widely used to make new single samples because of fast and precise machining. This is a very good development. But SLA and 3D printers will be higher cost and low efficiency for high volume production. They could not meet the demand of modern mass production. So over 80% of parts will be produced with injection molds.
Injection molds have some outstanding features and advantages:
1. High Efficiency
2. Low Cost
3. High Uniformity.
For mass production of plastic parts, people would prefer to choose injection molds.

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Who We Are

Everything You Need Under One Roof

Manufacturing Made Simple

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After more than 17 years of development, with rich experience, Tip-Top Molds has the expertise to manufacture custom injection molds at a range of volumes and produce economical plastic molded parts for its customers. Tip-Top Molds is good at making plastic mold types ranging from basic injection mold to complex family mold and overmold.
  • 17+ Years Of Company
  • 1500+ Export Injection Molds
  • 40+ Total Employees
  • 12/7 12h/7days Touch With You

What We Do

Quickly Manufacture High-Quality Injection Molds To Meet Your High-Level Standards And Delivery Requirements

Mainly Engaged

Mainly engaged in Injection Mold Design, Injection Mold Making, and Plastic Part Molding, including both prototype and high-volume production tools.

Main Industries

Main industries served: Automotive, Household, Cosmetic, Cellular, Packaging, and Consumer Products.

Mainly Focus

Focusing on Injection Mold Making for Household Appliances especially Backyard equipment like Grass Mower, Trimmer, and Blower, etc.

View Examples Of Our Past Projects

The Transport Protection Shell-Injection Mold


The Housing Part of Lawn Blower-Injection Mold with Hot Runner


The Chargeable Battery Holder Part of Lawn Mower -Injection Mold with Hot Runner

Insert Mold_Disc Part 2

The Suction Cup Connection Disc Part-Insert Mold-Injection Mold


The Handle Part with Gas-Assist of Lawn Trimmer-Injection Mold with Hot Runner

Grip Part_Overmold

The Grip Part of Lawn Blower-Overmold- Injection Mold

How We Work


Online Inquiry and Quote

You can send us your inquiry and request online, or by email: or We will quote per your RFQ shortly, like 24 hours.


Tip-Top Molds Factory Production

We have our own factory. You can get professional, all-around technical analysis and optimization solutions. We will make your molds be of great quality on time.


Shipment After Testing, Inspection, and Approval

Professional and On-time delivery service. The Shipment will be arranged after the Mold Trial, Inspection, and Customer Approval.


Customized Process after an Order

  • To Confirm Customer’s Request 
  • Research
  • Production
  • Test and Measuring
  • Inspection and Delivery

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Documents Provided for Customers

We will update new information about the mold on time and provide necessary documents for our customer’s reference as well, such as:

  • Weekly Progress Report
  • Molding Process Report
  • CMM Measuring Report
  • Bill of Material(BOM)
  • Steel Certificate
  • Heat-Treat Certificate, etc.

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Why Choose Us?

We work differently than other services. In order to help our customers to build better molds and produce more cost-effective parts, we will ask some questions to make any requirements clear before we start designing and manufacturing. We want to be your One-Stop-Shop for mold solutions, so we will give you professional advice and try our best to focus on every detail when we make your mold.

We are/We provide:

  • Worldwide Supplier of Plastic Injection Molds and Plastic injection molded Parts
  • Innovative Mold Solutions based on a varied industry experience
  • Mold Designing and Manufacturing Service
  • Experienced and Professional technical team to meet your demands
  • Quality commitment

About our fast, flexible personalized service:

  • ISO-9001 Certified since 2006.
  • Quotes within 24 Hours – Call us if you need it faster!
  • We Bid Complex Jobs

“We start the cooperation with Tip-Top Molds in the year 2009. Since this time we have ordered more than 100 injection molds, and prototype molds from Tip-Top. The basic reason for us to choose Tip-Top Molds is that they could learn the technology from German customers very fast.

Dear Iris, many thanks for your great technical support and your fast reliable answering of all questions and all quote requests.”

-The customer from Germany said

“Tip-Top Molds has long been one of my most reliable mold suppliers in China. We have ordered more than 30 injection molds for my clients in Germany since the foundation of our business relationship in 2009. The value for money, delivery, and the delivery speed is really impressive.”

-The customer from Germany said

“Tip-Top molds has been my preferred Chinese mold maker since they first open their doors in 2005.  They have designed and built many molds for me from one cavity to thirty-two cavity. Tip-Top management and engineering team always show a high level of professionalism with a Can-Do attitude. I would strongly recommend Tip-Top Molds for all your mold-making needs.”


-The customer from the US said

“Iris, we received the final parts from the B490 tools today and I believe these are some of the best parts you’ve done so far!!!! They go together perfectly and the finish is absolutely amazing!!! Wow…..great job once AGAIN!!!! Thank you so much for making my jobs much easier!!!

Please let your team know that we greatly appreciate the hard work put into the B490, B513, B523 B516, B519 & B464 projects over the last year!! I look forward to the next projects to see how good they look!!! I have no doubt they will be perfect! Thank you again!!”

-The customer from the US said

“Yes the mold arrived late last week. We opened it up and everything looks great. We will clean the mold up and deliver to the customer this week for them to sample, Thanks so much for making this project easy for me. I look forward to more business with you, Thanks”

The customer from the US said

Certificate of Quality Management System
This is Certify that the Quality Management System of Tip-Top Molds & Products Co.,Ltd. has been assessed and is in conformity with GB/T 19001-2016 idt ISO 9001: 2015

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