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(1) Tip-Top is a Reliable One-Stop-Shop for your Injection Molds and Plastic molded parts. We have fast response rate, competitive price, a professional work team, a strong quality control system, and on-time delivery, which can make you spend the least effort and money in getting your most satisfied injection molds and plastic molded parts.

(2) Tip-Top Molds is mainly engaged in Injection Mold Design, Injection Mold Making, and Plastic Part Molding, including both prototype and high-volume production tools. 

(3) Highly efficient and skilled team of design and toolmakers of Tip-Top Molds can guarantee top-quality molds and short delivery time. We submit progress reports along with weekly digital pictures so that our valued customers know the status of their molds throughout the tool-building process. Quality engineers and technicians constantly monitor all segments of our operations from design to final mold delivery. 

(4) Tip-Top has already cooperated with over 40 overseas customers and exported over 1300 sets of injection molds. We take strong pride in the fact that most of our customers have been with us since we started until today. 

(5) Our company has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006. 

What is Plastic Injection Molding?

Plastic Injection Molding is the manufacturing process of using plastics to produce a wide range of plastic parts and items by injecting molten plastics into a metal mold. It is most typically used in mass-production processes where the same part is being created thousands or even millions of times in succession. When raw material or plastic resin is heated to its melting point, whether simple or complex parts of the desired shape can be injection molded. Even though the injection molding process was invented as early as the 19th century, it remains one of the best ways to produce complex parts while keeping expenses under control.

During this injection molding process, the molten semiliquid substance is forced into the mold of specific shapes where it (the material) cools down and forms the end product with the help of a plastic injection molding machine.

The everyday plastic articles such as household items, electronic casings, and automotive products are some of the instances of parts created by plastic injection molding.


What is the Process of Plastic Injection Molding?

The Plastic injection molding process can be summarized and simplified in the following steps:

The raw material is fed to the feed hopper during the actual plastic injection molding process → Plastic polymers will melt and flow into the open chambers → Cooling of the part takes place and taken out of the mold after a specific period of time → Quality checks → First Article Inspection (FAI) reports are submitted to the customer for review.


What areas is Plastic Injection Molding often applied to?

The applications of plastic injection molding can be observed in almost anything and everything can be made of plastics.

Here are some examples:

  • Household Appliances, especially Backyard equipment like Grass Mower, Lawn Trimmer, and Lawn Blower we are focusing on
  • Housings for Electronics
  • Farming Tools
  • Automotive Parts
  • Medical Devices
  • Packaging such as Lip Balm Containers, Caps of Bottles, and so on
  • Cosmetic Parts, Cellular Parts, Wire Insulations, etc


What can Tip-Top do for you?

Cooperated with some injection molding factories equipped with various molding machines for many years,Tip-Top is capable of finishing the injection molding at those molding factories and then produce high-quality plastic injection molded parts for its customers.

Here are some molding services Tip-Top could provide for you:

(1) After finishing the mold as well as before the delivery, Tip-Top Molds would have a mold trial to do the injection molding first, so as to check if the part from the mold we built could meet our customer’s requirements.

(2) With injection molding, Tip-Top can also produce and sell some types of plastic injection molded parts to you, such as the Lamp Pipe Parts of different sizes and in different shapes. Here is the picture for your reference. Please contact us if you are interested in buying them.

(3) If you don’t have enough storage there or you want to save the cost of expensive freight, Tip-Top could also provide the service of keeping your molds we built here and then help you to do the injection molding. After molding the parts, Tip-Top will deliver them to you as soon as possible. In this case, other than the mold price, you just need to pay for the charges of molded parts and their freights.

Tip-Top’s Injection Molding

Which to Choose between Injection Molding and 3D Printing?

Injection molding and 3D printing are the most widely used manufacturing techniques in the plastic parts manufacturing industry. However, they are dissimilar and suitable for different sorts of projects. The selection of the manufacturing approach depends mainly on your specific requirements. Injecting molten material into the mold may look more professional and 3D printing is known for creating parts with precision. Both techniques can assist you with your production and quick prototyping process. The two manufacturing techniques have unique advantages respectively, so you need to decide which approach suits your project the most.

Comparing Benefits

Injection Molding:

When your business requires more significant production of the parts, there can’t be anything better than Injection molding. This technology is still perfect and precise in terms of repeatability. You also have an array of materials that you can use with this technique. Each material can have hundreds of variations that can lead to various properties every time. There are endless possibilities and properties for material cost, flexibility, and weight.

This method is perfectly suitable to produce parts in large volumes. Apart from that, it is also the best choice when you need detailed features in your parts. Adding details to the parts is straightforward with this technique. The extra benefits include enhanced strength and the use of fillers in molds.

3D Printing:

With 3D printing, you have the choice to print the project for testing purposes and create any modifications you need using the CAD software. Therefore, you can make as many changes as required to make a perfect final design of your project. The flexibility in making modifications several times makes this technique cost-efficient and time-efficient.

Another advantage of 3D printing over other techniques is that it evades the chances of material waste. You need just the exact material required for manufacturing in additive manufacturing. Additionally, you will eliminate the risks of several inventory issues and costs.


Both manufacturing techniques are highly adapted manufacturing techniques in the parts manufacturing industry. 3D printing is better when you need to iterate the part design repeatedly to make necessary modifications. On the other hand, injection molding is suitable for high-volume production goals and where part detail is of utmost importance. It also supports almost unlimited materials for molding purposes. Both techniques have unique benefits and are appropriate for different types of projects. Therefore, you should choose the manufacturing technique as per your project requirements.

Chinese Injection Mold Manufacturer-Design Guidelines

With over 17 years of experience in Injection Molds, our basic guidelines for plastic injection molding include important design considerations to help improve part moldability, enhance cosmetic appearance, and reduce overall production time.

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Cases Study

The Transport Protection Shell-Injection Mold

This is an injection molded part from a plastic injection mold, which is the Transport Protection Shell. It is made from PP, red. The whole Transport Protection Part can be divided into two pieces including the upper half part, and the bottom half part. The whole part is produced by a single injection mold with......

The Chargeable Battery Holder Part of Lawn Mower -Injection Mold with Hot Runner

This is an injection molded part from an injection mold with 12-drops of valve gate YUDO hot runner, which is the Chargeable Battery Holder part for a Lawn Mower. It is made from PC, black. This part is produced by a single injection mold with single-cavity and tungsten tips and hardened gate inserts, of which......

The Suction Cup Connection Disc Part-Insert Mold-Injection Mold

Insert Mold-Injection Mold-The Suction Cup Connection Disc Part This is an injection molded part from an insert mold, which is the Suction Cup Connection Disc Part of Exhausting Equipment. It is made from PA66+ GF60, black. This part molded with 6 brass nuts is produced by a single injection mold with single-cavity and single-drop INCOE hot......

The Housing Part of Lawn Blower-Injection Mold with Hot Runner

This is an injection molded part from an injection mold with hot runner, which is the Spiral Housing Part for a Lawn Mower. It is made from PA6+GF33, black. This part is produced by a single injection mold with two cavities and 2-drops of open gate YUDO hot runner, of which cavity and core blocks......
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